Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Diverse Natures

All I hear is the wind
Whispering where I've been
All I see is the night
Diluting all I've seen

To the door I try to walk
Yet like a child I fear the floor
With the knob I try to lock
My fears out of what I'm not sure

I sit in the corner of my bed
Unsure of what I've said
Is it good or is it bad?
These little things I made a fad

I tire and I rest
Unoppressed and without protest
I wake to a sun
That shot me like a gun

Who pulled the trigger?
Who made me shiver?
I tempt myself to curiosity
Unsure of my superiority

I sit in my corner on my bed
Unsure of what you said
Is it bad or is it good?
These big things I knew I would


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pantun Harga Hidup

Beri nasi tak mahu makan,

Selang sehari dikatakan lapar;

Jangan bagi orang perasan,

Cahaya matahari jika kasar.

Selasih saya tidak menipu,

Itulah kata pegangan hati;

Berasa loya di muka pintu,

Tupai berjenaka jiwaku mati.

Kaki penat tak mahu berjalan,

Ada harapan semua menjadi;

Nujum mengubat dengan pesanan,

Agar kegelapan diberi mandi.

Burung terbang jauh disana,

Tidak sedar sudah malam;

Kembalikan sayang aku kerana,

Perasaan sabar hampir tenggelam.

Ranting emas hendak dibeli,

Tahi berlian tiada yang mahu;

Jika lemas dalam yang sepi,

Jangan terkilan tiada perahu.

Ikan lama ikan baru,

Mata kail diberi ayah;

Para ulama sudah tahu,

Ibu hamil sangatlah susah.

Surat khabar dibasahi hujan,

Surat layang angkara orang;

Jika lapar kerana tak makan,

Jika sayang jangan berparang.

Bulu ayam dijaga atuk,

Sesuai hari jadilah rezeki;

Anak geram hendaklah diketuk,

Agar nanti jadilah lelaki.

Harimau baham yang bahaya,

Walaupun tidak tahu dia wujud;

Muka masam menjadi kaya,

Diri segak kerana bersujud.

Note : Yes, it's a pantun, yes it's done as one of my course-works for college.

This is a smile > :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rantau Kegelapan

Aku membutakan mata

Melupakan kata

Tidak ku ambil kisah

Dunia penuh resah

Sekarang sedikit demi sedikit aku sedar

Bahawa aku tiada seberapa besar

Cuma hamba yang penuh dosa

Ditenggelami ketentuan masa

Berikanlah aku kekuatan diri

Kerana aku sukar untuk berdiri

Berikanlah aku ketabahan hati

Kerana aku telah dipinggiri

Nyanyikanlah lagu mu

Dengan suara merdu kamu

Berikanlah jiwa ku

Kembali kepada aku

Kerana aku sukar untuk berdiri di sini

Dikenali oleh cahaya mentari

Kerana aku sudah tidak tahan

Menderita dalam kesunyian diriku yang aman

Oh tuhan semesta alam

Adakah ini balasan salam

Yang tidak ku berikan


Oh tuhan segala yang ada

Adakah di sini ku akan berada

Selama dosa ini di hatiku

Adakah dunia ini penjara ku?

Kenapa? Kenapa mesti aku yang menderita?

Mengapa aku tiada mempunyai pelita?

Aku sesat Ya tuhanku

Aku sesat Ya penciptaku.

Notes : This "puisi" was written then adapted into a song for use of a performance done by my class in college for a "puisi night gathering thing"

Here's a link > http://www.bharian.com.my/bharian/articles/Peringatanbulanmekaribadat/Article

As of now, no video/audio recordings are available of the song, I apologize.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Basked in my glow those things be foul

Leave it to be and it's all for the owl

Of a lie I can't fix for better or worse

This eternal sin is brought on it's horse

By Fire by winds by fears of the hand

What was wished shall remain buried in sand

Thou shall know these words are unforgiving power

That pertains reason to make this world turn sour

For what I have is merely a glass to last

With wine poisoned by our beautiful past

I can't remember and neither can you

But what we have is ever so true

In time or space it can't be soiled

For better for worse it won't be spoiled

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blood of The Liar

In shambles in cradles what humanity can be preserved
In light in dark what heart can be unstained
By Gods and Demons and things we've deserved
We're given things we can't begin pertained

Then the rules and laws stated in ink
By men who label their ground as holy
Where they step they bring it over the brink
Of destruction damnation and demons they rally

In a line all the minds are sorted in ease
In a circle they chant as it burns the grease

We're given we're given things we can't see
We're losing we're losing the sanity of he
What light are we worshiping now?
What light are we looking at to bow

"Down girl down, you shameless fuck!"
Thus said upon thee
"Die boy die you ungrateful schmuck!"
Thus said upon the tree

Yet we bow we bow to these false gods
Yet we give in to this stupid bondage
Do they not attain that they are no gods
Do they not realize it is merely age

The history of Sputnik
Can tell of space and darkness
The history of Space and Darkness
Can tell of Sputnik

We're moving fast on a ball of dirt
We can't feel it but we certainly are
We're moving fast but we are not hurt
We can't say we can't divert

We're lost
Blinded by the pied piper
What cost
Can pay for the blood of a liar.

First Sonnet

Infatuated by your beauty
Struck down by your body
What gives to know the sun
When the moon puts me on the run

That the high priestess is on top
And the Hermit below
That I can't find a shop
To ease this quick drop

Normal in heart and soul
Breaking into a black hole

But I've never talked to you
I've never walked with you
To know you is to find
That I may be too kind.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


As much as men try to deny it
The evil they find inside themselves is real
They will slash and turn around for god forbid
The things they do for every last meal
How can they be sure it isn't poisoned?
How can they not be imprisoned?

By their sins
By their sins

Would they take it back?
To feed or to lack
Will they stay on track?
Or denounce all that is left for grain sacks.

Alas the burden it weights on their shoulders
Cast's a turn to Harlots and Wine
And to forget and never forgive
And to drown in what is divine.

Oh, may I remember
May I remember

To keep this little slumber
Still even with manner
Of the Kings and the queens I shammer

We have all been deceived
Evil and Good all together
We have all been received
By a power till December

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Sky Above The Prince

The day passes and the prince walks
The sky remains over his head
The night passes and the prince talks
The sky brightens upon his head

The night takes him above the clouds
The day sends him back on ground
The sky won't be moved by shrouds
The prince can't make the lost found

"Or can he?"

Thy wish is for the prince and the sky
To find the azure state of high.